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Life Extension Foundation's History: Disease Prevention, Anti-Aging, Health And Wellness

The Foundation's History

Since its inception in 1980, the Life Extension Foundation® has continued its dedication to finding new scientific methods for eradicating disease and death. Tthe Foundation has become one of the largest organizations of its kind in the world. The Life Extension Foundation has always been at the forefront of discovering new scientific breakthroughs for use in developing novel disease prevention and treatment protocols to improve the quality and length of human life. Through its private funding of research programs aimed at identifying and developing new therapies to slow and even reverse the aging process, the Life Extension Foundation seeks to reduce, and ultimately eliminate, such age-related killers as heart disease, stroke, cancer and Alzheimer's disease.

The mission of the Foundation is to support scientific and medical research and to gather and disseminate published information related to preventing degenerative disease. The Foundation's policy is to award grants to scientists who are personally committed to extending the human life span. These dedicated professionals take extraordinary steps to make their research as cost-effective as possible. We are also careful to commit our research dollars to projects that are difficult or impossible to fund with government dollars, institutional grants or through other funding sources.

The Life Extension Foundation has scoured the pioneering ground of worldwide biomedical research to bring the latest scientific breakthroughs in the war against old age, disease and death into the hands of those who seek to live a longer, healthier life. Our world-leading expertise in the field of disease prevention and anti-aging has also led to the creation of some of the best health-promoting, age-defying products and services available in the industry today. Our commitment to improve the quality and length of human life through optimal health and wellness remains undiminished, and we are excited and hopeful about the great prospects the future holds.

Life Extension Scientific Track Record